What People Say About PANOPTES

  • ADRONES: “We have used the mT-Panoptes since Autumn 2013.
    After the firsts tests we have realized the potential of the mT-Panoptes for field surveys and post-processing tasks.
    The Solar Inspector software makes everything quick and easy.

    Real time mapping of thermal videos is a great added value!”

    Author's imageLaurent CaillardChef d'entreprise
  • AERMATICA : “We have chosen to integrate mT-Panoptes on our Anteos RPA because it represents, as a dedicated product for solar panel view and inspection, the solution most suitable for such kind of aerial work. Coupling mT-Panoptes and Anteos you get an easy inspection and reporting system fast and accurate.

    Author's imagePiero RefoloOwner, co-founder
  • Vireal: “Much more than a sensor, mT-Panoptes is in fact a hardware-software integrated system, in turn integrated with RPASes already in use. It is a complete solution which dramatically reduces operation times and especially operator mistakes during inspections of large photovoltaic power plants.”

    Author's imageMartino MontagnaOwner
  • Securproject.it : “It was delightful working with Panoptes on our development process.
    Your skills and reliability on new products and services proposition, with your focus on our needs and culture, let us innovate in an effective way.
    Thank you!”

    Author's imageGianmarco TroiaSales and Marketing