Panel Sketcher

What is the Panel Sketcher
Georeferenced vector modules are the more efficient way to link your observation to elements of a PV plant.
The Panel Sketcher is the software tool which speeds up the drawing tasks.
Just place 3 pin points and insert few easy-to-know values to generate a georeferenced vector drawing of a module array. Iterate the process to draw large PV plants. Once drawn, each module array is identifined by an unique ID and carries its own label. Launch the Panel Sketcher directly from the Solar Inspector to draw modules from an aerial georeferenced image or to update your exixsting PV plant vector drawing.
The Panel Sketcher saves you data as Shapefile (a de facto standard for geographic information).


  • Find your PV plant on Google or Bing maps using coordinates or place names. As alternative load your aerial images

  • 2
    Place 3 pin points at selected corners of an array and insert some values in the left bar

  • 3
    Click the Draw button to draw the array
    Iterate the process to draw the entire field

  • 4
    Insert the vector drawing in the Solar Inspector and use it as vector base map for your surveys

The Panel Sketcher is part of the mT-Panoptes software suite