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mT-Panoptes will debut in the international UAV world at The Commercial UAV Show in London on next 21,22 October.

mT-Panoptes is excited and looking for drone friends for flying together carrying out smart technical inspections with geospatial capabilities.

Booth n.70 will be setted up on the multi-sensor to show you the payload…

mT payload

…and what is inside, yes sure, inside: we will show you a demo of our Solar Inspector integrated software:

mT software

Why mT-Panoptes is different?

Nowadays the UAV sensors on the market often requires strong skills by the drone users especially in the inspection specific application field.

In other words, there are many good systems on the market but they all are generalist and not oriented to a targeted result.

This means that the operator, once purchased a system, must understand what doing with it, studying a scope and the requested services and only then, finally, he will be able to use the new system in his working activities.

mT-Panoptes is different because we have followed a targeted approach designing a system that can be used in a huge field of applications but orienting its commercialization to a specific area, providing hardware, software, procedures, workflow and results, namely all that is needed for specific technical aerial inspections in that area, except of UAV, of course, so you can choose the one you prefer!

mT-Panoptes can fly with the most common multi rotors, being completely independent by the UAV for telemetries, data transmission to the ground and video recording on board.

And thus the thermographic inspection of photovoltaic plants is only the first field of application for which we have customized our mT-Panoptes.


It can also be used for technical aerial surveys on others industrial infrastructures.

mT-Panoptes is a complete system: two sensors – high resolution FLIR TAU2 thermal camera and an HD videocamera – coupled with our customizable software application with real time and geospatial features assisting the users during the survey and the subsequent data processing up to the automatic production of the final Report of the inspection specific for the application sector.

mT-Panoptes is easy to use: if you are an experienced UAV pilot, you will use it well in a few hours with our remote training.

Visit us at The Commercial UAV Show in London, mT-Panoptes will be there for you!

mT-Panoptes HPH rd01

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