mT-Panoptes at EU PVSEC 2014

  1. mT-Panoptes

Visit us at the B17b stand in  EU PVSEC 2014 in Amsterdam: you will see with your eyes how much mT-Panoptes is small, light and easy-to-use and, why not, even beautiful (in its genre)!

Please come, you can have a look inside its heart, discover its Application software, and see how it is easy and fast producing Final Reports with maps of detected criticalities.

With mT-Panoptes the thermographic inspections become geospatial and aerial and cheaper and faster than by traditional methods.

Flying mT-Panoptes is crucial also on remote controlled plants , especially when O&M contracts are focused on efficiency improvement.

BE SMART: get mT-Panoptes and Fly, Shoot, Map!



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